Emma Fortini | 14e cosmetics

My name is Emma Fortini (14e). I am a make-up artist and the founder of 14e cosmetics. My passion for makeup started at a young age. I always enjoyed doing makeup for my friends, whether it be for a school dance, on the weekends, or any occasion that came my way. Art was also a fundamental part of life and following high school, I studied studio art at Cal State Channel Islands. After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I pursued my dream of becoming a makeup artist, and attended school at Makeup Designery in Burbank. Getting my footing in the industry was difficult and defeating at times, I waitressed and bartended on the side for a few years, but with a bit of persistence and a lot of hard work, I began working consistently with clients. It was at that time that I was then able to solely focus on my makeup career. My niche in the industry has primarily been in e-commerce working with companies such as Guess, Gypsy 05, and Hautelook, among many others.

After years of working hard and saving up as much money as possible, I was able to launch my brand 14e cosmetics. Having my own makeup line had always been in the back of my mind, and as my interests led me more towards green beauty and natural remedies, I realized there was a lack of diversity in the market. Tons of research, meetings, and networking led me to my manufacturer, an Ayurvedic molecular biologist, who understood my vision and was fundamental in helping me formulate 14e cosmetics.

Having a total obsession with aloe vera due to its endless benefits, it was the obvious choice as the base for 14e foundation and sheer tints. Every ingredient is 100% natural and has been thoughtfully chosen due to their skin nourishing properties. Dealing with my own skin issues, breakouts and the beginning signs of aging in particular, it was important to me to create products that took into consideration these types of afflictions, as I know they are something that a large number of people struggle with. As a makeup artist I sought to create a product that I would be excited to try on myself and my clients. In the future I plan to grow 14e into a complete cosmetics line that always stays true to its natural roots and keeps your skin in mind.

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