GXXRLS is a creative agency that promotes collaboration and empowerment amongst women - specifically in the arts. We strive to inspire a change in the discourse surrounding women in the creative industries; encouraging positivity and a sense of community that will enable a new level of creativity. As two young women working as designers in Toronto, we felt the need to form a collective that gives females the opportunity to work together and produce content that will, in turn, create more opportunities for them in the future. GXXRLS aims to create more work for women, with women.

We just completed our first series in our on-going project called "GXXRLS Tour," which features 3 women in the city who are hard working, determined, and inspiring in their field. We interview them, have a photoshoot and find exciting ways to work together! For our first series, we've featured Mary Young, a lifestyle/lingerie designer; Kelsey Williams, an up and coming DJ, and Nathalia Allens, a fierce photographer who is making waves in the city.

[Read Mary Young's story in more detail over in the #entrefemmeur section of our site!]

We want to promote gender equality; show how each individual faces different struggles and achievements and how they overcome them. This is something we plan on doing every three months to keep the core message of collaboration and communication alive.

Having only started GXXRLS in November of last year, our network of strong and impassioned women have grown tenfold. We have received nothing but words of encouragement and positivity from women (and men!) who want to see other women succeed. With our launch taking place this Saturday, we can only hope more women are inspired to go out and make their dreams a reality. Not only are we standing for something we believe in, we're able to do it with some of our closest friends!

Together we're a team of designers, a photographer, stylist, coder, make-up artist and DJ. Together we are strong, powerful and capable of anything. #gxxrlpower


"My advice to girls is to not be afraid. It took me years to actually start djing and getting my hands on it. I was scared of the criticism, people judging me, and putting myself out there. I felt very vulnerable. But at the end of the day, I would say just do it, it's about making yourself happy." - Kelsey Williams


"My advice to girls is to definitely go after what you want. I had some great examples of women entrepreneurs in my family and around me and that's something I was able to see growing up. You just need to choose what you want, go after it and learn to overcome the obstacles as you go." - Mary Young


"There's always a time when you hit rock bottom, but having people that have supported me, has always helped me overcome my deepest struggles and my lowest points." - Nathalia Allens

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