JoLivi | Singer-Songwriter

LFC: Introduce yourself to us through your favorite song lyrics!

JoLivi: Moving down the streams of my lifetime / pulls the fascination in my sleeve / cooling off the fire of my longing / boiling off my cold within his heat

- Lauryn Hill, “Just Like The Water”

LFC: Now let’s back it up – give us a bit of background on you so we can get to know who you are and where you come from!

JoLivi: Well... lol.. I'm born and raised in Hawai'i on the island of O'ahu.. Graduated high school and went to college at Colorado State University. I then graduated and moved to Los Angeles to pursue my true dream!

LFC: Moving forward now - Tell us about your start as a singer.

JoLivi: I was blessed with this beautiful gift from my darling grandfather on my mother's side! He was an angel and when he sang the room would go quiet. I sang always when I was little and then went on to do musical after musical and while winning singing competitions. I didn't go to college for it but I knew that it was going to be the path I’d continue on. So here I am now...

LFC: What a lovely gift to get! So you mention in interviews and on your site that a lot of your writing was inspired by some of the pain you went through in your life. The feeling of heartbreak is definitely a feeling we all know and hate – how did you manage to channel that pain into drive and motivation instead?

JoLivi: It's almost a feeling that can't really be described unless you're going through it... in the moments when it's happening you truly feel like your life might not go on. That empty pit in your stomach... the constant mind eats you up inside. It's a true test to mind over matter and really realizing that only you... yes... ONLY YOU can get yourself to the other side... where you know you were once happy and that all the other things in your life are always worth living for.

LFC: We couldn't agree more. We've all been there and felt that and it's really great that you're able to take those feelings and channel it into something that other people can turn to. So, the music industry is notorious for treating women poorly. Do you find that you've had any setbacks in your career because of this?

JoLivi: There have been times where a lot of people underestimate my talent because they've never heard me sing... maybe they've heard my record but those things can be altered with autotune etc. So I just slam ‘em with a good JoLivi jam and they are all eyes and ears.

LFC: Yes!! Hard work pays off. Tell us about one moment in your career that you would like to share with readers.

JoLivi: I was lucky enough to be a part of Musicians On Call, which is a charity that has musicians like me come to the hospital and sing for the patients. These patients are very ill and the ages range from little little to the beautiful old old :) It was one of the most uplifting moments in my life and even thinking about it now makes me tear up.... When they smile at you and thank you for making their day... they have no idea that they have just made mine.

LFC: It's never worth it unless you can feel true happiness and joy with what you do. That is so lovely to hear. What is your definition of success for yourself?

JoLivi: It's almost unfortunate that the actual definition of success is the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame. Seems kind of empty to me. Being successful to me is being able to do something you love and enjoy doing whilst being able to live off of the profits. We all know money can't buy true happiness.

LFC: Agreed, of course. Now in true LFC spirit - what does being an #entrefemmeur mean to you?

JoLivi: Love it! It means to me not letting society or disease hold you back from anything... And not in a cliché more like... FUCK YEA I can do that! kinda way. Claire is so correct when she says that practice doesn't make perfect; you just get to a point to where you always knew you were perfect!

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