Kim Johnson | Community Management, Glossier

A typical work day for me is getting in later than I want because alarms are no match for me when I'm asleep, spending time in the morning catching up on emails and Slacks and then pretty much jumping right into meetings. It’s funny because while I think everyone gets a bit of meeting fatigue now and then, especially when you have a lot of other work on your plate, I find that they’re so essential for me to do my job well. Keeping up with what’s going on at the company and in turn, keeping my teammates up on our community is a key part of being an effective Community Manager. 

I’ve been at the same company for my entire career (literally from my first internship to now). I would say that’s definitely a pleasant surprise. I think in your mid-twenties you’re taught that either you will struggle by doing your own thing and working for yourself or you will have an entry job that you’re unsatisfied with until you figure out your "path”. I’m really lucky to say that I work for a company I love, doing a job that I love, and I’m learning every day. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” - My dad

I wouldn’t say I’m a “creative” necessarily, however, I love anything that will help me be productive and use my time better. I just bought this Full Focus Quarterly Planner that I’m kind of obsessed with. It’s actually impacted not only my work but how I think about being intentional about my future and the time and energy I spend on the weekends. I don’t keep much on my desk because 1. We have a clean desk policy and 2. I find having things on my desk very distracting. That being said, my drawer is literally a snapshot of my life: Jasmine Pearl tea (+ tea strainer), Altoids, candy, receipts, and way too many pens.

My best advice for women trying to turn a contracted job or internship into a full-time career: Work hard on what’s in front of you. Be nice to people! Being nice will get you far in business and in life. I’m a firm believer that any good business advice should also be applicable to real life and vice versa. 

My career/life idol is my mom because she’s iconic. Also, everyone who knows me knows that I’ve been completely obsessed with Tracee Ellis Ross since the early 2000s during Girlfriends. I love everything that she is and the self-possession and joy that she represents as a black woman. My idols in beauty are actually a lot of the people in our community who I've gotten to meet through my work. They’re so well-versed in it, it’s wild. I learn so much. I'm very lucky! I find a lot of inspiration from Glossier’s community!

To me, being an entrefemmeur means following your gut, being intentional and thoughtful about the work and energy you put into the world, being vulnerable enough to own your mistakes, and supporting other women, always, as you go. 

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