Kristine Claghorn | Creative Producer


My name is Kristine and I’m a creative producer. My side hustles/passions include painting, creating fragrances, and shooting photo/video. 

My nickname, Claggie, has been around since I was really young! My last name is Claghorn and most of my family members have nicknames connected to it. For example, my brother is Claggy with a “y.” I guess we just like to take advantage of our weird last name! 

I worked at a vintage boutique throughout college and buying was definitely the part I found the most fun. Right before I moved to LA, I went on a final buying trip in Vegas with a coworker who was also a close friend and it was the best send off! Since then, I’ve done a lot of styling, photoshoot production, and creating social content at various jobs. Right now, I’m a full time creative producer for an agency in LA. 

I moved here right after I graduated from college, when social media had JUST started to be a thing. I created social channels for my first job out here and grew it for them before I left and started working at the creative agency I work for now. I would have never guessed that the market for social content was so huge! It’s been really unexpected and fun to create in this medium.

My passion projects are definitely side hustles at the moment, but I am so thankful that I’m able to make time for them. It’s nice that a lot of the skills I use at my current job translate over to these as well (content creation, styling, producing, art directing, etc…). I started painting and making fragrances as two ways to keep my eyes off of my computer screen and phone, and they’ve turned into two of my favorite activities! I’ve also been diving into filming/editing video. I’m hoping to do a lot more of that this year. 

I’m really lucky to be able to balance all of my work. My full time job is remote, so I save a lot of time not having to commute in the morning/evening. Traffic in LA is notoriously awful, so I feel incredibly fortunate in that regard. I definitely feel stress at times because I do put a lot on my plate, but so far I’ve been able to balance it out and still spend time with loved ones. Usually, after my job, I focus a few hours a night on my passion projects and then allow myself to turn off. Most weeknights I try to zone out by cooking dinner, watching a movie, and snuggling with my partner and kitten. 

My cat would definitely be the favorite item on my desk. She’s constantly trying to lay on my keyboard when I’m trying to work! I also always keep a few palo santo sticks handy to keep the relaxed feelings going in here.

So far, I’d have to say the most challenging project has been the creation of my fragrances. There was a lot of trial and error with the scents, but I’m really happy with how they turned out. It took me a long time to figure out packaging as well. I do it all myself in my house, so there was a lot of trying to figure out the best place to create the fragrances, labels, etc… without taking over. 

My best business advice would be: if you have interests, but don’t feel like you have the time for them… make time! I had that mindset for awhile, the “I wish I had time for this” and once I just made small pockets of time for myself, I really noticed a change in my mental state. I became a lot more excited to make things happen outside of my job. 

I want to see more kindness in the world. We’re in such a strange time right now and it’s pulling people farther and farther apart than what I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’d love to see more avenues for open communication so we can all try to understand each other better.

To me, I feel like an “entrefemmeur” is a woman who follows her own path, no matter what stands in the way. There is a lot happening right now to bring people (especially women) down, but females are strong. We are crucial. That message is definitely spreading and I can’t wait to see the future “entrefemmeurs” of the world! 

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