Larissa Vale | Black Satellite

Growing up I was always a solitary person, often spending hours on end by myself without any other interaction. I would just sit in my room with my guitar and stay up all night dabbling with ideas. My approach to songwriting has always been through vulnerability and honesty. I’m more comfortable than most at communicating my thoughts and feelings. Even if it’s something inherently personal, I’ll have no problem blurting it out so long as it’s relevant. I’m just very comfortable with the person I am. 

I find inspiration in both beauty and despair. Instead of bottling up my emotions, I let them flood in when writing music. It’s almost as if I’ve just trapped them permanently in the notes themselves, like little time capsules. It’s one last desperate attempt to find some kind of higher meaning to these inherently human experiences. I can’t help but hope that it will somehow make sense if I’m able to stand back and just listen to my memories and experiences playing back at me, and often it does.

"I might even be slightly masochistic in that I like to tear off the band-aid and write songs about my most difficult experiences and fears. In a way it makes me less afraid if I can confront them head-on."

My longtime writing partner, Kyle Hawken, and I have discovered something truly unique with Black Satellite. We didn't set any limitations on what we could achieve when writing our album, Endless. We wanted it to live up to everything we listened to growing up. This record is the product of six years of writing together, and it really captures everything we were feeling during that time. The fact that we are able to be extremely honest with each other is the only way this was able to work. For the first time I even tried writing lyrics from his perspective, which enabled me to understand him even better. This is the case in the song Endless, which the record is named after. The last year for us has been the most difficult, as we’ve worked through some significant personal struggles. The minute we wrote Endless everything changed for us. We were no longer living in this tornado of negativity. It became the marker for the end of that period in our lives, and the beginning of another.  Literally the next day we felt like we had taken such a leap and that we would be forever changed. 

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