Melissa Chavez | Designers in Protest

Imagine you’re walking into a room to pitch Designers in Protest and no one knows what it is. Talk us through exactly what it is.

Designers in Protest is a design-led collective encouraging civic engagement. Use our postcards to write your representatives and download our posters for rallies and protests. All profits are donated to Southern Poverty Law Center and Emily's List.

What inspired you to create Designers in Protest?

I was shocked and heart-broken by the election results of 2016, and was looking for a way I could use my skills to influence positive change. Especially in a way that would encourage grassroots activism!

How do you find artists to join your movement?

The artists and designers included are friends, colleagues, and former design-school classmates. When I started Designers in Protest, I sent out an email blast to those in my network that I thought would be interested!

What do you hope to do by putting Designers in Protest out into the world?

I hope to encourage others to engage in local politics and make their voices heard!

What do you think we need to see more of in the world? Less of?

I think we could use a little more kindness and understanding and a little less negativity when it comes to initiating change. The power of the people is still strong!

What is something that keeps you up at night?

There are so many scary things happening in politics right now! Being from a swing state that went red in 2016 (hi, Ohio), my mind is always on the politics and changes happening in my home state and how that affects my loved ones.

What are some fears that may have held you back?

It's always scary putting yourself out there! Other's opinions can be important and valuable, but they shouldn't hinder your creative exploration.

How do you want to be remembered?

As a true friend and as someone who stayed true to their beliefs!

What does being an #entrefemmeur mean to you?

Being confident enough to put yourself and your work out in the world. And, luckily enough, being part of a strong community that encourages that. <3

SOS: Melissa Chavez, Pussy Power: Alex Patalano, Hear My Voice: Melissa Chavez, Flower Power: Hollis Griffith Callas, Russian Influence: Andy Baron, Love Is Greater: Melissa Chavez

You can learn more about Designers in Protest via their website and Instagram.

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