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How does understanding who we are and how we connect to the world around us (from an astrological standpoint) help us grow? Can this relate to our business life (i.e., how we handle business deals, pitch meetings, what career paths we take, etc.)? How can we use it to our benefit?

It's a great question because it also answers what got me hooked on astrology in the first place. I always knew that I was an Aquarius, but I had met so many other Aquarians who were nothing like me. Why was I shy when conversations revolved around me? Why was I so rebellious as a teenager? Why was I such a romantic? Reading my birth chart for the first time affirmed everything I had always known about myself. 

Human beings want to know that who they are is OK. They want to know that what makes them different is a strength not a weakness. They want to know that they're on the right path. If you know that you're a Leo Rising, this will affirm that you could pursue a career on stage. If you know that your Moon is in Aquarius, this will affirm that you need independence in relationships to feel emotionally satisfied. If you know that your partner's Venus is in Cancer, this will affirm that you need to treat them gently in love.

Self-reflection is the key to self-actualization. If you know what your strengths are you can maximize them. If you know your weakness's you can be aware of your blind spots. This allows you to come into any situation, personal or professional, and know exactly what you can offer the room and what you will need from them in return. Your birth chart is your one-of-a-kind astrological thumbprint. It is the blueprint of who you are and how you function. It is the key that helps us unlock our ultimate potential and purpose.

Can you share advice on how to take a passion and turn it into a project?

The funny thing is I never planned to take this past the walls of my bedroom and intimate conversations with friends. In fact I grew up with two Chemistry Professors who have been quoted saying they wish I was into "astronomy rather than astrology". I never liked school and never saw the point in studying subjects that I wasn't interested in (such an entitled Millennial, I know). I chose to get my degree in Graphic Design because it was a hands-on trade.

However, I have never loved learning about anything more than I have loved learning about astrology. I have never studied harder. I have never dug deeper. I have never understood anything better than I understand astrology. I have never wanted to work harder. I wake up every day with a genuine desire to create and share more. I think that our true passions choose us. Not the other way around. 

Listen closely to yourself, not others. Once you find something you actually want to spend time learning and doing, you'll know you're onto something.

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