Nicole Best | Social and Influence Manager, Matte Black

Nicole Best | Social and Influence Manager, Matte Black

Nicole Best, Social and Influence Manager at Matte Black, is a self-proclaimed skort connoisseur and a Lena Dunham supporter (two things the LFC team can totally get behind). Introducing herself to the #LFCommunity through Kanye West lyrics, this Los Angeles lady shares her favorite projects, her definition of success, and her belief in the importance of always reading an email twice before hitting send. 

LFC: Introduce yourself through the use of song lyrics – we won’t judge if you throw in some old-school Hillary Duff.

Nicole Best: “No more parties in LA. Please baby no more parties in LA.” – The Life of Pablo, Kanye West

LFC: Tell us about Matte Black and your role as the Social and Influence Manager.

NB: Matte Black is a culture marketing firm and creative studio based here in Los Angeles; basically we help brands create campaigns & content that will help them tell a story, and develop their culture. At Matte Black, I handle all of our influencer programming. We do monthly micro-campaigns for all of our retainer clients (think seeding to a niche demographic) and then, the work I enjoy the most is the project based yummies. We are in the midst of wrapping up a campaign with KitchenAid central to the launch of their Artisan Mini Mixer that is taking our team out to New York for one of the final live elements; we just helped WWD with panel programming at Coterie and have worked with Peet’s Coffee to build awareness & drive foot traffic around a new beverage launch. The juicier campaigns are more fun for me, because I get to work with extremely talented people who have a different way of seeing things than I may see them.

LFC: Let’s hop in a time machine – tell us what you would want to tell yourself before you started your career journey.

NB: Read every email twice before hitting send. Check tonality and grammar; what you say and how you say it are two very different things that can also be extremely consequential.

LFC: Social and Influence Manager is a really important role as we continue to grow business through social media and influencers – what has been one of your favorite projects to work on?

NB: One of my favorite projects that we execute is when we take six influencers out to the PROJECT/MAGIC Trade Show in Vegas. WWD hires us to host and program out a myriad of panels on influencer marketing for the brands who showcase there. The programming lasts for three days – wherein we also take the influencers out to dinner, maybe a Cirque de Soleil show, and/or show sponsored parties – it’s a lot of fun while also bringing a ton of eyes to the Trade Show and WWD’s involvement in it.  

LFC: How do you define success?

NB: I don’t know if I’ll ever have a major definition for it. My life is filled with tiny successes – executing a successful campaign, having lunch with an influencer I’ve wanted to work with, or even just getting a workout in before I head to the office. I’m very much a checklist person, so when I’m able to accomplish something each day, I feel like I’ve been successful.

LFC: How do you want to be remembered?

NB: As a genuinely good human being.

LFC: What career advice can you offer our readers?  

NB: Always strive for more. Whether you're at a startup or a large company, you can't lose your desire to keep learning. Once you feel like you’ve hit a plateau, where every day feels eerily similar, ask yourself what would make your day better, and make that happen. Nothing will ever change if you don’t move in the direction you want to go.  

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