Paige Farrow | Photographer

The good, the bad, the ugly. I would sacrifice anything to create what I want to create and that’s exactly how my mind works as a photographer. The human brain works as a partnership with you as the one who is working along-side of this organ. Some say you cannot control the brain, as some say it controls them so much that they notice they become one with their brain. I’ve seemed to come to the conclusion that I allow my brain to do the work for me. My images are created by my thoughts, dreams and spirituality. I’m currently in the works of becoming an Art Therapist and I’ve been inspired by the clients that I’ve learned about over the years in my lessons. I want to portray the unreal, as the real. When I say the unreal, I mean the real that is brushed to the side that people do not truly understand is actually there in front of them.

Mental illness is something that most humans deal with, but do not actually believe they suffer from. It’s important to learn about yourself for your health. I grew up with so many weight problems to the point where I was becoming crazy with my figure. I thought looks were so important and became obsessed with losing weight. I moved to Chicago at a young age by myself and along the ways of learning about myself, I was becoming something I wasn’t. I was alone all of the time in my apartment, trying to figure out why I was where I was at the time.

During my transformations, I decided to photograph different parts of my body every week. It kept my mind busy, not only with this project for myself but with myself as a whole. I would photograph myself after being stressed, happy, sad or after a mental breakdown. I photographed my emotions so I could understand. I wanted to know who I was and what my emotions looked like. I became obsessed with the idea of emotions. How did the brain create such a broad form of ourselves that we can unintentionally change?

November 2016 I will be releasing my photo series titled “Running With The Wind” where I show the world what it’s like to deal with emotions. I’ve worked so hard to portray the incredible waves that flow and crash through my head. I’m showing everybody what I’ve waited for... what my brain is like when I finally become one with it. This is what it is like to run with the wind.

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