Poornima Muralidharan | Visual Artist

It's been about 3 months since I began my Project - Purlink (It's a mash of my Dad's name and mine). It also means 'Pure - link' - The link which is not definite, yet solid. It holds the pure essence of what my thoughts comprised of at a particular given time. 

As a Visual artist, I create contemporary art based on the theme that's ether been hovering above my head, or the issues that don't have voices & need to be spoken about.

Feminine Power

The vision I had in mind was that of a Lady behind a burning lamp.
Highlighting the features you're able to see at first glance.
When combined, these features form the shape of a traditional Indian temple lamp.
Here the eyes symbolizes the burning flame, The mouth & nose, the base of the lamp.

Female representation on Photoshop

Showcasing my skills using photoshop.

Child in Womb

I mess with acrylics when I'm in a very meditative mood, & want to release the energy through art.
This is when I sit down, with a strong traditional music playing in the background, & I channel the rhythms/melodies/patterns onto canvas/paper.
The idea, for me, as a visual artist is, to create art organically. It begins with an idea. Or I could very well be inspired by a beat- pattern from a song. 

In this particular painting, I was listening to traditional African music.
I have a few favourite acrylics in hand that I like to use.
 & I begin.
My art almost always begins from a central point - gradually moving outward.
The movement - similar to the growth of any living being.


Vagina Art

I'm a staunch Feminist. Any event or news that lets me down or demonstrates inferiority complex towards the female gender, I protest. 
Not silently. 
But through visual art.
This is my visual representation of how beautiful different vaginas actually look. The beauty, the positivity it can bring into this world, the love, pleasure, escape, it's like a reunion of sorts. People don't realize the power & strength of a Vagina. 
I have seen a lot of art depicting the female reproductive organ as a sign of shame, inferior, sorrow, depression, anger & sadness. 

While in actuality, that is not the case.

At all. 

Once people learn to change the way they look at the Vagina, they will forget the bad.
My portrayal of the Female organ is as simple, yet complex-looking.
It's a celebration!


According to Hindu philosophy, Radha was known as the main source of Feminine manifestation of the divine power.
Radha is known as the protector of all & a healing power to the entire universe.
Her love is so immense, that it overwhelms Krishna!

Female Energy

This would be another representation of my translation of ideas & thoughts on Female power.
The use of the colour red - symbolizes Power, Strength & Aggression. 
The image is much more than what we see with our two eyes.
The mind in itself, is an illusion.
We're sensitive, yet tenacious. 
Complimented, and also, critiqued,
Called delicate, yet, people are intrigued.







I'd love to conclude this with a simple question - Why do people make it look like it's always 'hard to be a woman'???! 

Be that woman!
Be the one that beats all odds! Be the one that knows no bounds!
Be the one that kicks away the bridges built by individuals who don't really matter. 

Images: Poornima Muralidharan

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