P.S. Kaguya | Body Positivity Activist

La Femme Collective: Tell us your name, job title, and where we can find you (social handles, websites, etc.):

P.S. Kaguya: I go by P.S. Kaguya, I am an artist, body positive activist, model, influencer and content creator. My main handle is @p.s.kaguya and my website is currently in the works! :)

LFC: You’ve used your social platforms to speak up about the fact that traditional beauty standards have for far too long perpetuated an unhealthy self-image. As we start to see more diversity on billboards, in campaigns and in commercials - how does it feel to see that happening now? Unfortunately, it's a slow process, but change is happening! And you're a part of making this change, so how do you feel about that?

PSK: It is definitely a thing that everyone has been realizing but the fact of the matter is - this ("body positivity") has been a movement that has been going on for quite some time. It's cool that we now have some girls who are more than a size 4 on our billboards and runways but I am also aware how the agencies and industry purposefully cast for a smaller size when casting for another size just to keep a smaller frame of face. Curvy girls who are more than a size 6 being forced to purchase fat pads for shoots, runways and even shot at unflattering angles to make them look bigger but just to a certain level so they don't have a double chin. I speak up for the girls who are not taller than 5'7", who are more than a size 12-14, girls who do not fit the industry standard of having medium to long natural colored hair, girls who have tattoos, girls who are fetishized for their physicality based on race and body shape. And my list can go on hahaha.  

LFC: How do you respond to people who don't understand why these industries need to change?

PSK: They are prudes and shallow. But ultimately no one has given me that fight. When I tell people what I do for a living - most of the time they already assume I am or respond in a positive manner, so I've been lucky more or less. 

LFC: How do you handle negative criticism? What would you say to other women or little girls who are being told they can't appear on billboards or in magazines or in movies because they aren't a size zero or have tattoos?

PSK: I was constantly surrounded by negative criticism not only from family, friends but also towards myself. I would say the best way to deal with criticism is to hear it but let it leave your ear immediately. Sometimes criticism is good, though it just really depends on what the topic is about ultimately. I think having tattoos actually prevents one from getting booked for jobs for acting, modeling, commercials, etc. If you look at advertisements most people with tattoos are generally white in race. If they are of different racial backgrounds, they are probably a hand model or something for a name brand selling bags or watches for men. 

LFC: Who inspires you?

PSK: Wow. Well a lot of people inspire me and I really don't have one person to pinpoint. I have my friends, my fellow artists who I work with, my followers and supporters who send me messages and comments daily. These are the people who inspire me to keep on doing what I am doing. 

LFC: What’s something your followers don’t know about you that you want them to know?
I am pretty transparent and I've stated this before but I am 28. I literally started the self-rediscovery journey and modeling a year ago in June 2017. 

LFC: What advice would you share with future generations of women looking to create change?

PSK: Just do whatever you want to do and don't think about how many followers you have or are getting. Clout will follow when one is clout worthy. 

LFC: What gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you up at night?

PSK: I am nocturnal but I love to sleep. I've been like that since a young age, however, I over analyze at times so when I was younger, I thought sleep was literally a waste of time. I would love to do a lot in one day but, of course, when I have the right mindset and motivation. Ultimately, you need to be your best fan. If not, shit will fall off. 

LFC: What does being an entrefemmeur mean to you?

PSK: I guess if there was a term to describe me it would be an entrefemmeur. I decided a year ago when I was working various office job(s) doing e-commerce photography and marketing that I was not going to take any shit from anyone. Especially from cis males. The industry is still so heavily masculine and machistic; I was just sick and tired of being undervalued and underpaid. I did not go to school in NYC to be paid only $14 an hour. They would complain that my work ethic fell off - well, it was because of their lack of leadership and lack of professionalism. A LOT of my friends said I was ballsy for leaving or doing certain things. When they were working, they would say "I had your energy today and I felt great!" I believe being authoritative is so important when you are being your own boss. If I shrugged my shoulders and kept my mouth shut in all the scenarios when I was not satisfied then I would still be there, to be honest. I would still be working the same pathetic job, working with people who I did not like and who were not good bosses.   

To learn more about P.S. Kaguya, you can follow her on her personal Instagram and at @effyourbeautystandards.