Tara Sowlaty | How You Glow

Tara Sowlaty is co-founder of How You Glow, a lifestyle site that encourages a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Growing up, I always knew that no matter what I did that I wanted to work for myself. This is and was the example set for me, as my parents work for themselves as well and have done so since their 20s. I have always been obsessed with the creative; design, colors, decor, and fashion. From designing wedding dresses as a little girl, to starting a full fledged clothing line with my sister while we were in high school, art and creativity has always a strong and burning desire of mine. When I got to college, I put this aside for a bit though, and focused on being a college kid. I decided to pursue a degree in business, focusing on entrepreneurship and marketing, to set my mind up for the open possibilities of creating my own destiny. The most valuable piece of advice I learned all of college :: pursue your dreams, and you won’t feel like you’re working a day in your life.

I was the kid with the 'best lunch' at school, fresh salads and salads dressing made daily by my mother, with either a soup, sandwich, or some other fresh dish, with a side of fruit. All my friends were like vultures, waiting for me to decide when I was done with my lunch so that they could have my leftovers. Breakfast was prepared fresh every morning, and dinner hot and ready around 5pm, and snacks always were fruits and veggies. I didn’t purposely eat with the intention of being healthy necessarily, that was just the way I was raised. I always LOVED food and obsessed over my favorite dishes and sweets.

After I finished college, I wanted to serve some attention to my passion for food as well as my pursuit of healing. I grew up watching endless hours of the Food Network — obsessssssed.

"I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Crohn’s disease when I was 14, and I wanted to understand if and how food had the power to heal that."

One summer during college, while was living in NYC, I stumbled across a health cooking school on my last few days of living there and took a class on Vegan Thai Cooking (at the time I was vegan) and fell in love. I always kept the school in the back of my mind, and once I graduated college I went off to NYC on my own to learn and grow further in the very specific arts of natural foods. It was there where I fully realized my passion for food and healing.

I came to appreciate mindfulness on my own really. I learned this through my own practice, trial and errors. Falling on my face, failing to be present, and learning the ramifications of it. I was vegan for a few years, and really regimented myself with a very strict diet. Going through this process and getting over it was one of the best lessons of my life; I truly believe the lowest points in life are always the biggest gifts. I came full circle; I finally understood what a balanced approach to living was (which I had as a kid growing up), where healthy choices just vibrate out naturally. Some of my biggest learning happened during my experience at cooking school, which mind you was a vegetarian cooking school. I entered school as a vegan and left as a meat eater, with so much incredible knowledge about mindfulness, food, healing, and the incredible power it has on the body mind and soul. We are in a place of power when we are mindful about our daily choices.

I remember I was in Santa Barbara on Valentines Day 2014, and I was just so happy (my belly filled with chocolate) I was having very intense dreams about what I wanted to put out into the world— a healthy yet luxe approach to lifestyle that was vibrant, earthy yet chic. I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with living a truly vibrant life. At the time I had created a food blog (which I started when I was in cooking school), and I then set forth to expand the site into a broader lifestyle vision than just food. As I was working on this expansion, I was introduced to my business partner, who too had a similar approach and essence to life. It was the perfect timing, where we both combined our visions into How You Glow.

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