The Mrs | Four Piece Band

The Mrs | Four Piece Band

LFC: What do you stand for as a band?

The Mrs: We believe that every woman, every person, is enough, just as they are.
We believe it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.
We believe that music can move people on a soul level, and we’re on a mission to create music that uplifts and inspires.

LFC: How did the four of you begin playing together as a band?

The Mrs: It all started with our drummer and leader, Andra.

Actually, I didn’t pick up a set of drumsticks until I was a mom in my thirties! Living in a music mecca like Austin, I imagined I could “create a Mozart” in my three-year-old by getting her involved in music. So one day I went to get her lessons and was told she was too young, but they were looking for a drummer for their mom’s group and wondered if I was interested. I was knee-deep in the mom world after years in the corporate workforce, and I think I was looking for an adventure.
I fell in love with the drums and decided to create a “band club” instead of a book club with some of my friends. And that evolved into The Mrs. My best friend Jenny picked up the bass and loved it as much as I did, and together we added Larissa {who gave my daughter music lessons} on keyboard and vocals, and Mandy on guitar and vocals.

LFC: How do you write your music?

The Mrs: All together, actually! The four of us bring in ideas and brainstorm with the help of some very talented producers. We love that we’re all involved in the process together, and it’s so cool seeing the songs that may start with a single word or phrase come to life on our instruments.  We strive to write songs that speak to girls of all ages, sharing messages of hope, self-affirmation and letting them know they’re not alone.

LFC: What’s your favorite lyric from your newest song, The Beast?

The Mrs: The animal inside of you is beautiful.

What do you have to say to people who say you’re too old to go for your dream?
Don’t listen to them! When we first started we were told there was no way we were going to be successful because we were too old, too inexperienced, too everything! But we allowed those words to fuel our fire and create something truly unique. 
Along the way, our journey of becoming The Mrs has transformed each one of us. It has made us stand by our own words and learn to love ourselves in all our flaws and insecurities. We can’t sing about self-worthiness and then go home and criticize the image in the mirror. We have to walk our talk, so it’s made each of us more confident. If anything we believe in ourselves and in the magic of following our dreams more now than when we started.

LFC: What’s next for you ladies?

The Mrs: We have been working hard--and having a blast--putting together our new album, which will be released in March 2017. It’s chock full of songs that encourage women to free the parts of themselves that they are afraid won't be accepted by others. Our music supports women in knowing that they are never alone in their journey. We hope it will be the soundtrack for #entrefemmeurs all around the world awakening to their own strength, power, beauty and confidence. May every woman in the world know and trust that she is enough.

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