Whitney Weir | Video Director, Editor, Artist

Whitney Weir | Video Director, Editor, Artist

At the moment, I'm working full time for Complex Media. I spend half my time as a technical director for our sports show, "Out Of Bounds" and the rest of my time I'm editing/animating for a series called "History Of". 

At work, I'm an Adobe nut. I use Premiere, Photoshop and after effects every day. The Red Giant Universe package has a lot of my favorite effects, *glimmer*. I also have a very basic Wacom tablet. I keep my keyboard shortcuts saved in my email (life hack for anyone looking to get more efficient).

I find inspiration for my work from a variety of places and things—art shows, movies, YouTube, definitely the library. One of my favorite projects that I've worked on is my rug. It took me over 2 years. I put it away for a long time because it was intimidating and I wanted to give up. The process of the rug really stumped me because I kept thinking to myself there had to be a better and faster way to do it, but eventually, I knew I had to hunker down and do the dang thing. Now, of course, I want to do another one. Inspiration is a big motivator.

One of the most unexpected aspects of my career path has been navigating the life of a freelancer. I'm sure there's probably some sort of "freelancer" class happening these days, at least I hope. I'm still trying to figure out savings and taxes.

Coffee, Twitter, Larry Mantle. Those are the things that wake me up in the morning. The things that keep me up at night? Obsessing over my interactions throughout the day. Deadlines. I'm the kind of person that would rather stay up all night and finish if it meant I could have a free day the next day. 

The best business advice I can share is be vocal about what you want to do. I love trying new things and learning new skills, especially outside of video. Be grateful for the people who understand your different passions and help you to discover those things. Speak up! I'm still learning this. "Promote yourself!" I struggle with that one a lot because I overthink things, but it's so important.

And most importantly, don't be afraid to ask for your worth and don't be afraid to say no.

You can find Whitney on Instagram and her website.

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